Remembering special people 
at Christmas 
fills our hearts with joy. 
We wish you a joyous holiday 
and a new year filled with 
peace and happiness. This year has been an exciting year for us. Charlotte(Turning 4 in Jan 2017) and Atticus(2.5) are both in the Spanish preschool together. She loves taking care of her little brother and going to school with him everyday. Charlotte always amazes us with her language skills, she has been teaching us Spanish! Atticus adjusted the school very well and he surprises us everyday with his awesome motor skills. It’s very hard to keep up with him. He knows how to ride a scooter very well when he turned two this past June. In the meantime, we are expecting our third child in March of 2017. How exciting!

Cliff’s sister got married in July and we went back to Hong Kong for her wedding ceremony. It was quite an experience since Cliff took Charlotte back to Hong Kong earlier and Winnie went back with Atticus a week after. Thankfully, Charlotte and Atticus both did well during the 16 hours flight. Charlotte adjusted the jetlag quickly and enjoyed being spoiled by the grandparents. But Atticus never adjusted his jetlag in Hong Kong and he was up with Winnie(she got woken up of course) at 2 or 3 am every morning. For Day 1 he came back to US, he tuned back to the Austin sleeping time schedule with no problem. Being pregnant, it was tiring for Winnie to chase around two kids in Hong Kong. But she enjoys her time with families and friends there.

Cliff is busy at work as usual and his curiosity for everything has not been faded. He went to Beijing for week while during the Hong Kong Trip in July. He enjoyed the time visiting at Tsinghua and meeting with professors there. He also enjoyed his sister’s wedding and it was his first time experiencing a Hong Kong Style wedding ceremony for decades. He had a great time seeing his old friends and families there.

At almost the end of the year, Winnie’s company had a massive layoff and she was one of them. Now she is enjoying her time in the house and getting some rest before the craziness begins in March. She is able to catch up with friends and families during the day and she is preparing for the big ski trip to Colorado in mid Dec. We are going with 3 other families, which would be 8 adults and 8 kids!!! Fun time doesn’t stop here, we will enjoy the cold weather with many hot pot parties this winter!!

Happy holiday to everyone!