2017 is a year full of blessing for the Sze’s family. Avery was born in March and now “thinks” she can walk everywhere. She continue to surprise us with her motor skills. She hit her milestones so early that we could not keep up with. By 6 months, she started standing up and cruising. Taking care of 3 young kids is not easy. Luckily Cliff’s parents stayed with us and it helps a lot. Kids got lots of love and attention from their grandparents.

Both Charlotte and Atticus figured out balance bike when they were 2 and 3. So we decided to let them try riding the bicycle with only two wheels. It only took them two days to learn and now Charlotte has mastered her two wheels! Thanks to her grandfather.

With Cliff starting his new job with google, he has been taking his time to adjust and adopt. It’s a huge challenge for him because he changed his area of focus and work nature at the same time. Luckily, the company provided a great environment for Cliff to utilize his skill set.

After taking a break from working, Winnie started her new job with City of Austin in September. It is not easy for her as the commute is pretty far. She is able to adapt an super early, flexible schedule. So far she has no complains except for getting up at 5am.

In July , we took our first family trip with Avery to Boston. 7 of us flew to Boston and visited Cliff’s mom’s high school friends. It was a fun trip but very tiring. We also got to drive up to Maine and saw the signature lighthouses of course, got to taste lots of seafood. Avery was only 5 months but she was adaptive during the trip. We all had a great time.

In December, we took a road trip to ski in New Mexico with 2 other families of 4s. It never could have happened without the help of Cliff’s parents who take care of Avery all the time. Six kids and six adults on the road with two vans. We had so much fun with great friends and all the children enjoyed it a lot. Charlotte continues to surprise us with her ski skills and Atticus is very eager to learn a new sport, cautiously. Both of them skied with us all three days and they did not complain at all.

We are so lucky to have Cliff’s parents here since Feb 2017 but they will return to their home in Hong Kong in January 2018. Kids will miss them and we have to return to the normal game mode which adults are out number by the kids. We will have lots of challenges ahead of us in 2018.

This year has been fruitful and challenging. We wish everyone a new year filled with peace and happiness. May healthiness be with you all!

Cliff, Winnie, Charlotte, Atticus and Avery