The year of 2018 is overwhelmingly busy for the sze family when the little Avery started walking and running everywhere. After the grandparents left Austin early 2018, both Winnie and Cliff have to deal with the fact that the kids outnumber the adults. Luckily, Charlotte is such a caring sister and Atticus plays well with her. On weekends, Charlotte and Atticus sometimes wake up much earlier than everyone and they enjoy their special sibling time.

We decided to travel to Hong Kong before charlotte starting kindergarten. Kids enjoyed the time with extended family and had new adventures everyday. There were many places that we visited where we have never been when we lived in hong kong.

(The kids grew up so fast: The top picture was taken on December 23 in Houston and this picture was taken on April 10 in Hong Kong.)

We spent some of our time with Winnie’s US family during summer. Kids love tubing and water skiing with Nana. They were always spoiled with gifts and love from our extended family.

During thanksgiving, we drove to Colorado for a ski trip with 2 other families. Without the great help from friends, we couldn’t imagine doing it with 3 kids while the youngest one was just 20 months old. It was worth it and the kids had so much fun. Charlotte skied the blue trail a couple times with her daddy. This is our third ski trip after we have kids. We are so thankful for everyone who helped us along the way.

Avery (1yo) joined Atticus at the same preschool in September and Charlotte started Kindergarten in the fall. Charlotte (5) has an almost full schedule after school between gymnastic, spanish and swimming. She enjoys all the activities and continues to show her curiosity on everything. She loves her new school and she made lots of friends.

Atticus (4) developed the sense of responsibility because he is so eager to take care of baby Avery. He has a special bond with Avery as a big brother. He is taking Parkidz Ninjas class and he surprises us with his strength and flexibility.

Winnie’s work get busy between October and February but she tries to have a work-life balance. With great support from friends and family, she was able to manage 3 kids while Cliff visited California once a month.

Cliff is still working for the world’s best employer and he enjoys the area of logistics and e-commerce a lot. However, it is a very challenging market and in 2018 there has been multiple big changes in the projects he leads. In 2019, Cliff looks forward to harder yet more interesting problems.

The Sze family is surrounded by great friends and family in 2018. We would like to express our love and wish everyone a happy holiday!

With love,
Cliff, Winnie, Charlotte, Atticus, and Avery