About us


Both Winnie and Cliff grew up in Hong Kong.

We came to the United States to study, met and fell in love… The story is simple but we feel blessed. Cliff proposed to Winnie in Vancouver early August 2011.

Long before that, we have always talked and dreamed about our wedding, and wondered if we could make it more meaningful than a traditional wedding in Hong Kong or the States. People usually spend tens of thousands of dollars for a wedding to make themselves a prince and a princess on their wedding day. We feel that we are already two of the luckiest people in the world and the world would be a better place if we use the money to improve the quality of life of those less fortunate.

To this end, we came up with a project which we are excited to share with you all.

Our wedding project includes 2 parts:

An Africa trip to build a well

A small wedding party in the US

Instead of a one day wedding reception and ceremony, we convert it into a three-week trip to the rural part of Africa as the first half of our wedding project. The main cost of this trip is to sponsor a water well that will be built in one of the isolated remote village in Ghana. The people in remote villages walk an average of four or five kilometers every day to get water. Most of the water sources are a mix of waste water and drinking water. It may contain human waste, animal waste, bacteria and other contaminants. This well will provide a clean water source for a remote area which will last for several years. We will attend the opening ceremony for a well on 11/11/11.  On such a special day, we decided to commit to each other and get married! Are you excited for us? Don’t worry, you will not miss out! As the second half of the wedding project , we will have a simple yet elegant wedding PARTY in 2012 while both side of our close families will be present in Austin, TX to witness the wedding ceremony! Yay, we will party!

In less than a few weeks, we will be heading to Africa for our first part of the wedding project!! We are ready to hit the road!

Finally we would like to share with all of you our engagement photos! We have decided to take our photos in Taiwan in September while we were visiting our family in Hong Kong. It was a great unique experience that we will never forget. Please refer to “Engagement photos” for the stories and photos. Enjoy.

You can choose to follow the tradition or you can make your own!!!