Africa Trip – Build a well

Since we planned to do something more meaningful than a wedding with nice reception and ceremony, we have researched and checked different charities. We thought about sponsoring small kids, building schools or water wells. We came across a youtube video about a couple building a well in Ghana, Africa. It just happened that they planned to go to Africa again in late 2011 and we believe it will be a good fit for our purpose. Finally, the trip attracted a group of people from different backgrounds and we all are going to Africa to build a well for different reasons. Here, we would like to thank Terri-Lynn and Tony for their help and well-planning for the Africa trip.

We are heading to Africa in November. This trip will last for 3 weeks and we are grateful to witness the celebration ceremony of a well on 11/11/11. On the very same day, we will say our vows to each other and commit ourselves to each other while we are in a special location, special date, special environment with special group of people….

Don’t feel like you have missed out,  we will have a wedding party in Austin on May 27th,  2012 . See “Wedding Party“.