Words from her

I would like to thank my parents and brother who support me for my whole life. It is impossible to be where I am now and to have what i have without my family. Without their support, I wouldn’t have come to the States.  Nothing would have happened. I am very lucky to have a family like this. Although I have left home for 11 years, my family is always by my side.  I will always remember dressing up my brother like a girl and making him act like a baby. I always trick him by taking more candy from him. No matter how bad i treated him when we were little, my brother is always there for me when i need him.  He would give sincere advise and he would analyze the situation for me when i need help. He is like my big brother. Those were the moments. I also remember we would go hiking during Chinese New Year because we don’t have any relative in Hong Kong.  I miss those times,  I miss being young. Everything was simpler. I miss being with my family.  Now, i would like to take this opportunity to tell them that I LOVE YOU all and thank you for all your supports. You guys are always in my heart. 

I feel that I am the luckiest person in the world.  While I am away from my family in Hong Kong, I got another family here who take care of me since 2000. I consider them my parents and my family.  I appreciate everything they have done for me. Without my mom, I wouldn’t have gone to A&M, I wouldn’t have met Cliff either.  I wouldn’t have a good education, good job and good life!  I would like to take this chance to thank my mom & dad in US (Janet & Gary) and my grandmother( May)! I will never forget when my mom took me to A&M for the football game. She showed me around the school and that’s how I fell in love with A&M. I will never forget that we went snow skiing (my X’mas present from Mom & Dad) and I got stuck on the lift for 3 hours. They were so worried about me.  I will never forget that my dad fell from the ladder while putting up the Christmas lights and he kept yelling my name to get help. But I was jamming my music downstairs in my room. When he came in the room with his hand pressing the ribs, I asked “Daddy, did you get shot? What happened?” Those were our great memories. I also remember grandmother took me out to practice my driving skills everyday after school. We bought gummy worms together and ate in the car. I never get to see/live and be close to my grandmother in Hong Kong.  Grandmother May has been so kind to me.  Thank you.  I also want to thank my lovely sisters and brother (Sarah, Joshua & Emily).  Thanks for loving me like your sister. I remember we used to play piggy rides in the living room and watched Disney movies every weekend. I will never forget the memories I have with you guys. I am sure, more yet to come.  I love you all!!


They supported me through everything I have encountered since I came to the States. There are so much I wanted to tell them.  You guys have showed me a different prospective of life. Life can be good when you work hard.  Do not give up or stress, there is always a way to sort things out.  I learned so much from my mom. She is the greatest! I wanna be like her when I have kids, all of her kids are happy, well behaved and have good attitudes of life!  


I love you all!