Counting down- 21 days to our Africa trip

We  finally got all the required vaccinations done today. It was a hustle. I got 5 shots in 2 days so both of my arms are so sore now!! I felt weird of my body, maybe it’s because of the live vaccines inside my body! Now we are down to the Typhoid tablets before the trip. Then, we are good to go.  Africa, we are coming in 21 days.  I have so much to prepare before the trip.  I gotta make sure to finish as much as i can at work because i am leaving my co-workers the 2nd day of close. I have to specially thank my bosses and co-workers for supporting/covering my work.  I gotta come up with the pack list and to buy list, i hope i didn’t miss anything… gotta go running now … 2 dogs are waiting to be entertained.

We look forward to this trip.  It better be a good trip, if not we will MAKE it good because we gave up so much for this trip! :P

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