Day 1 11/3/11

 We landed Accra at 1:15pmlocal time and there was not a gate or terminal in Accra airport. We had to take the bus to gate and go through the immigration and custom.  When we get to the baggage claim,  it was packed with people.   Everything was fine, we got to through the custom successfully without any problem.  We were excited that we were here!!! Then, we were greeted by Terri-Lynn , Tony and Rasheed  We finally get to meet them! They are the nicest people in the world.   We also met two of the people from our Africa trip on the plane. We knew it would be a good trip, everyone is so nice!


Then, we took our rental bus to the hotel and got settled. The hotel was very nice. Our room was facing the ocean. People in Ghana are very excited to see us. They will try to talk to us but they do not like camera. We got yelled at couple times while were taking pictures of them. They think that we are stealing their souls. When we were walking in the market, we felt like we were in China. It is very dusty and broken concrete road and sewage ditches everywhere.


People in Accra are doing very well. They have lots of luxury products selling on the streets. And we are amazed how civilized they are inAccra.  Another thing that we are surprised to see is that Ghana people use their head to carry EVERYTHING. Anything can be put on their head and they can walk and run just fine!!  It is incredible to see that.  I attached people that we took. People are very nice and honest here. I think we all are very stereotype about Africa. But I am super tired now,  so I will talk more about this later. 

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