Day 2 11/4/11

Day 2  11/4/11


We woke up at 730am and had our breakfast at the hotel. I love the jam from the hotel, I was wondered what kind they were. It was not too sweet,  it was just right.  Having breakfast at the hotel with an ocean view was great! After the breakfast, we went to James town. This si a fishing village nearaccra. It is probably the poorest area aroundAccra. We had to get permission from the Chief to take photos and walk around the village. While we were walking around, we saw a big turtle being dissect. It was sad to see that. After visiting James town, on our way to a restaurant,  we found out that because there were lots of people died daily, funerals are held Thursday through Sunday every week. You know what ‘s special about it is that they wear RED for funeral! This is so different than Chinese culture ( Red color is for Wedding, or birthday, it represents good luck)


Before we get to the restaurant, we were looking for a pharmacy. I think we walked about a couple miles (round trip) and finally found what we need. When we get to the hotel, they had the food ready for us. We had pantain & Cassaba J Fufu, brown nut soup & Jollof Rice.


After the lunch, we went to pick up the bed nets, & straws which one of the crew raised the funds by doing a garage sale. It was very nice of her & her husband. The straw is very useful and hopefully it will help make cleaner water for the village to use.


Before the dinner, we went for a walk at the beach. It was beautiful.


The hotel has thrown us a welcome buffet dinner. The food was delicious and we all enjoyed it. Terri-Lynn (our Tour guide/ trip organizer ) gave us a speech and it was very touching. After the dinner, we went to the market and saw some night lives of Osu. It was a long walk and the street lights don’t work on some places. It was scary. Anyway , we made it back. We saw some night live music and clubs.


We got home at almostmidnightand went straight to bed.


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