Day 3 11/5/11

We went by the coffin shop. They are have large population died everyday. Therefore coffin business is very big inAfrica. This coffin shop will make any shape of coffin you want. We saw some for the kids, which they made it like a little cow. There are also, cars, camera, fruits etc.  Check out our pictures, they are so amazing. People from other countries will order it from here.

We had a great lunch by the Krobo mountain. The food was delicious. Then we went to the beads’ market and all of us went crazy.  We made a scene at the market everyone was rushing to come and see us. They were curious and excited to see us buying stuffs. The beads market is huge, there are so many kinds. Finally, I got some some at the market for souvenirs.

After the beads market, we went and checked in at our lake view hotels. This is one of the most jungle place of our trip. Anyway, we had dinner and went to bed. I know this hotel has air condition but we still have a bug net out for fun! 😛


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