Day 4 11/6/11

It was a relaxing weekend. We woke up and had breakfast. Then headed out to a church. The people were so excited to see us. They brought all of us to the front and thank us for trying to help people in Ghana. They sang the whole time at church and the music was nice!! Then we went canoeing at the lake. The weather was beautiful and it was very peaceful at the River Volta. Then we visited the banana plant and saw some baby banana. While we all were hanging out at the plant, we all started doing pull up. We had a competition going out. . It was funny.

Anyway, we headed back to the hotel and had a relaxing afternoon. Cliff and I took a 3 hour nap and woke up for dinner. So far, this is a comfortable trip. As we get further north, we will not have all these luxury items around us.

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