Day 5 11/7/11

We went across the bridge this morning which hangs over the riverVolta. I think this is the only bridge inGhana. We passed by some mud hut villages and the area was beautiful.

Then we went by the Kente factory where they hand made the cloth. It must be a lot of work. Each Kente needs at least 6 or 7 hours to finish. There are so many patterns , of course ,I bought some for my friends and family.

While we were at the cloth factory,  Terri-Lynn & Tony bought a few pineapple and they prepared them for us to eat. It was delicious and sweet! Because they were grown here, I think it’s extra fresh!

The next stop was the beads factory. The owner Cedi’s had a introduction of his factory and technique. It is amazing how he get the crushed glass to melt. We have never heard of Kaolin. It is used to cover the clay as a mole and so the glass won’t stick to the clay. We bought more beads bracelet.

After we went shopping, one of our crew member had bought a gift for our wedding. It was a very pretty necklace which I love. The beads that were used were the one I really want to buy. But it will take a while for them to make a bracelet so I gave up. ButSharonfound a very pretty for me to wear at the wedding. She is so sweet. We spent so much time at the factory and we all were hungry since we skipped lunch.

Anyway, we had buffet at the hotel for dinner. Now I  am really going to bed.



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