Day 6 11/8/11

We left Akosombo and traveled by bus to Techiman. It was long ride for about 8 hours. We knew we would get caught in traffic for the town in between, so we left at8am. Cliff’s eye is still kinda swollen, I think he might get an infection. So we bought some Penicillin cream.( They don’t have anti-biotic)


We passed by a few towns and stopped a few times for EMERGENCY Toilet stops. Haha , I don’t think anyone is used to the food here. No one has anything serious. But, we found that it is a cjallenge to find toilet and with flushing water. The toilet was awfully smelly and full of flies. But we all have to go.  It was quite an experience. One of the crew member , he is a professional photographer saw our face when we came out of the toilet. He was making fun of me for having that facial expression when I came out. 😛 Anyway, we got over that. So we are all good now. Everyone is happy and excited to move on to another town.  This t we are at,Kumasi, is the second busiest city inGhana. It is very civilized and developed. I saw kids who went to school with uniform,  the houses there were very nice.


When we get to the EnCom hotel at Techiman, we walked around and found some medicine for cliff. The dinner was fabulous. Anyway, we get to walk around to see the night lives before dinner.

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