Day 9 The wedding day 11/11/11

This is our wedding day today. We tried to go to bed earlier but it never works out. We woke up and went to the ground breaking of the well in Anateen. This is the village which this trip is funded. Because the village is further down from the town, the bus can only go certain distance. Then we have to walk about 15 minutes to where they are going to have the well drilled. There are  big machine and the big generator. We recorded the video of how they drilled the hole. The village people were so happy when they saw the water came out. Women were dancing and kids were so happy. The expressions of their face were priceless. After seeing the well being drilled, we headed back to the hotel and got ready for the wedding ceremony and the big celebration at Bong Gurugo Asaloko. There will be a commissioning ceremony for the well that was built this year for the village.


We got there around 5 and it was the perfect sunset ever. We exchanged our vows in front of the well at Asaloko. We almost cry. This is what we want, the perfect weather, perfect surrounding, unique country, and nice people. We love it simple which it reflects the true purpose of this wedding. After the wedding ceremony, we walked to the commissioning celebration. The village people were dancing and singing. Believe or not, it was peach dark and people were still dancing and celebrating the well being built. I am not sure how they see at night, maybe they got used to it. This village happened to have the speaker hooked to a truck with generator, but I guess lights are the least thing they worried about.


After the celebration, we headed back to the hotel and our group has a surprised for us. They made our wedding cake with crackers and two Ghanaian chocolates on the top as described as the Groom & the Bride. Some of us were tempting to pick up the chocolate and didn’t realize that it was the bride/groom. Anyway,  Cliff and I shared the  chocolate and left the other half for others.  We did not eat dinner but had some ‘wedding cake” :P. Thank you everyone, that was very creative.


Went to bed at 12.

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