Day 11 11/13/11

Travel to Tongo hillswhjich is about one house from Bolga. This is thewell that will be funded by Forest Grove Shiega.  It looks like a very big community.  They handed some filter straws to some of the men and mosquito nets to the women with kids. Some men got very upset as they did not get the nets. Afterrwards, we went to the Chief’s house and this chief has 18 wives and unknown number of kids.  His house has solar light satellite and he owns an Audi. What a life for this chief. While walking to the bus, we passed by a lot of rocks. One of the big boulder is used as a school site in 1950’s.


Afterwards, we headed to a restaurant called Swap. They have all kinds of food , range from pizza, to curry. It is very good.  After that, we went back to the hotel and freshened up.


The well contractor Robert has invited us to go to his house for dinner. It was very close to our hotel. He has a very nice house. High wall with spike wires. I think he owns like 3 cars. The table was setup when we arrived and it has all kinds of liquor available. People had their month wide opened when they saw that.  On top of the alcohol , they have the buffet food style ready. Food was delicious. After the dinner, everyone started dancing. It was a fun night.

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