Day 14 11/16/11

We got up at 6a,m and met at the restaurant for the walking Safari. It was nice weather and we were hoping see some elephant. Too bad, we only saw one in the water. He is wounded. This is the mating season now, and so male elephant fights. This one apparently lost the battle and got hurt at the back behind his ears. He has been in the water for a week. The water helps to keep the insects and flies away from his wound. But he did not have enough food, elephants need to spend 16 hours eating every day. It needs to eat 5% of his body weight. Hopefully, he will get better.

Well,  in the walking safari , we went into  baboons, some birds, cobs. Nothing interesting. We wanted to see more elephant. I think Elephant is one of the coolest animals in the world.

After the safari, we came back for breakfast and then order for our lunch. ( it takes about an hour or 2 for them to prepare) Then, we kinda hang out and tried to switch room. Our AC was not working in our room last night. So I woke up at2amand found myself sweating like crazy. I could not sleep. The fan was on the other side of the room which our bed don’t get anything. So I made Cliff get up and move the bed close to the fan. I got some wind and finally was able to sleep. So I need either the AC or the bed underneath the fan.  So, after all the hustles, it was already lunch time. We had lunch at2pm,and then went to the museum at3pm. We ran into a group who want to rent a jeep for the Safari at afternoon. We were able to hop in the ride with them. It was fun. All 9 of us sat on top of the jeep, it was crazy.  We get to se e ore cobs, waterbuck and bush buck but still., we only saw one elephant. The wounded one.

We had an ok dinner and went to bed early. Tomorrow our group decided to do a jeep ride safari rather than walking.  There will be 11 of us.

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