Day 10 11/12/11

An half activity day for us. After the breakfast, we were told that today it’s a free day so we can do whatever we want and come back by5 pm for dinner at the hotel. While we went back to the market and get my dress alternate, we got a call from Rashed at12:15pmsaying, we need to be back by1pm.We have some activities to do. So we rushed back while we were still waiting for the dress and doing some shopping, we came by at1pm. Then they said, it has been moved to2pm because no one is back. After another hour, they move it to3pm because not everyone is back to the hotel.  We did not leave the hotel as a group until 4. We made plans already as we were told there is no activity for today. Then we were rushed back to the hotel and waited for 3 hours for nothing. That was not cool. When I travel with a tour guide before, once the schedule is announce for that day, there is not Last MINUTE change. Anyway, we got over it. I don’t these people are still new to the tour guide business. I am sure they will do better next time.  So we headed to the Paga crocodile pond and went by the Burkio Faso border. We get to take a quick picture from the other side of the border to Ghana.


After the border, we went by the Paga crocodile pond where people believe these are sacred crocodile and they don’t bite. We bought a chicken and got one of the old crocs came to the shore. The people made the croc stopped and let us hold his tail for picture. Each camera was 2CeDi and entry fee was 7CeDi. This is a rip off!! Anyway, we took some photos and headed back to hotel for dinner.

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