Day 7 11/9/11

We had the breakfast and headed to Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary.  We bought peanuts to feed the monkeys. They are mainly Columbus and Mona. It was cool to feed and they are god to the village people. When the monkey dies, it won’t die in the bush. It will die in an open area. Therefore, when the village people found them dead, they will put them in casket and have a funeral for them. Very interesting.  After that, we went to Buoyem. A twon with caves and hiking trail that overlook Techiman. Unfortunately, no one is able to go to the caves due to reports of bees attacking people in that area. Some hiked to see Africa Rock, mostly-abandoned reptile exhibit with Cros & tortises and water fall. Because cliff ‘s eye area has some kind of infection which we were trying to treat it with over the counter medicine. We decided to go to the hospital and get the doctor it look at. InGhana, you have to wait for a long time for hospital because there are so many people got sick, sometimes you have to wait in days. Rashed went with us and was able to get us in the front of the line and coincidentally, the doctor is his brother from village that they went to school together. They have lost contact and it happens that they found each other in the hospital here. 😛   Anyway, the doctor gave Cliff some antibiotic tablets and cream. Hopefully  the infection will go away soon. J

On the way back from the Monkey place, we saw a car accident and the taxi has flipped and crashed to the side of the road.  It happened that we saw some of the victim there at the hospital waiting to get help. But it was about 2 or 3 hours after the accident has happened. They are still trying to queue to see the doctor( We didn’t cut in front of them. They came after we finished while we were waiting for medicine.) Anyway, we felt bad for them.  Hopefully they will get well soon.


Finally get to eat at3pmand the restaurant at the hotel was good!! Before dinner, we went around in town to the market , it was very nice.



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