We are back!!!

IT has been a few months  after we came back from Africa. So much that we left behind and took us so long to catch them all up!!  Sorry guys, i haven’t updated the blog and put up any photos about our amazing trip.   After the 3 weeks in Africa , we stopped  by Europe for a couple days.  I think we are good for a few months until next long trips.  This is our year-end audit season in the company, i have been so busy with the audit. Hopefully it will be better next week. There are so much going on and  i need some time to plan and get organized. Our parents are coming for our wedding party in May.  Yes, the final part of our wedding project. It  will close out the whole wedding journey and our wedded life will begin. Although we have already married in Africa, we would like to share the happiness with  our parents and friends  together.  It is still not complete , to us, until we have this wedding party when all of our close family and friends gather around for celebration! This party is aimed to be simple, happy, warm,  intimate and relaxed, more importantly full of love.  We will reveal more details later. We have already found our venue.  Invitations will be sent electronically and by mail.   Again, i need to confirm all the detail first.


 But we have the date!! May 27th, 2012. Save the date !!!  It’s a Sunday. Hope everyone can make it. 


Thanks all for your support!!  






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