Counting down 17 days – The website is almost done

Finally,  the first draft of this website is done.  Hopefully we can announce it on FB this weekend.  It took us a while to make it. Although the  website has nothing fancy,  i feel that i have tried my best to make it as good as possible. WordPress is new to us, it took us quote a while to get use to it.  Anyway,  thanks to our dear friend  Mike W. for his help.  This website will not  be available without his help! We appreciate it.  Making a website might be easy for a lot of people, but not for me definitely! For god’s sake,   I am a freaking Accountant!  Not any IT/computer gig. 🙂

Hopefully, all of our friends will be able to understand and dive in more about our wedding plan through this website.  We hope this will help to answer some of the questions. I know… it’s a  long wedding project and it’s once in a life time! 🙂

One Response to Counting down 17 days – The website is almost done

  1. Alice Ting says:

    Hi Winnie!! I’m sooo happy for you and Cliff!! This Africa project is a great idea. I wish you two the best in the many years to come!!