Our website looks good!

Winnie showed me the draft today and it looks fabulous. Due to my busy work schedule, poor Winnie has to design the whole website framework and I just write the words in my own pages.

I am proud of you, Winnie.

Friends, please come back regularly because we will keep updating our wedding planning in this website. We are not sure whether we will have internet access in Africa but we will write diary about our life out there. We will also add more stories about our Vancouver trip (proposal) and Taiwan trip (engagement photos).

4 Responses to Our website looks good!

  1. Amy Papa says:

    Great website! Good job Winnie! The proposal story made me cry. Best wishes to both of you! I am looking forward to the party!

  2. Zhuo Li says:

    Wonderful website and great design! THe best, of course, is the special wedding/project you guys planned. So proud of both of you, and feel so lucky for my best friend, Mr. Shatou.

  3. Wing Seung Yuen says:

    The site and photos are great! Cliff, Congratulation!! The wedding project is very meaningful. Although, we can’t join in person but we already feeling you and Winnie happiness. Looking forward to see your wedding photo in Africa.

  4. Marisa Mace says:

    Cliff and Winnie,
    Words can not express how touched I am with your wedding website. It is a true work of art – beauty and love are woven throughout, as is your caring for those less fortunate. I have sent this on to Christa – this a special site that should be shared with many.

    Thank you for the gift of sharing this with me. Love and best wishes to you.