Counting down 11 days..

The website has been released this past thursday.  Thank you for the  best wishes and blessings from all of our friends & families.  We are glad that we can share this special project with you guys. Thank you for all of your supports.

It’s only 11 days left before our trip. We started to pack and put stuffs aside for our trip.   Before we leave for the trip, we need to finish the photo album layout arrangement with our studio. Even after the photos have been taken, post-works are pain in the butt!  That really takes up most of my time after work and  weekends. hopefully, we can get these things done and will focus on our Africa trip soon.

I have been eating a lot. I kept thinking about what Cliff said. ” You should eat more, because you will probably lose weight in Africa while we are there. You can give yourself some leverage. :)” Therefore, this is my excuse to look for sweet after meal. I can tell ,  i probably have gained some weight already.  Not to mention,  we still have about 10 moon cakes in our fridge! We love them so much but they are so fatning!

It is late now,  i should go to bed. Good night everyone.


One Response to Counting down 11 days..

  1. Sarah Bensema says:

    This website is amazing!! And i am truly inspired by your wedding project, it’s so beautiful to see two people so in love and so self-less:) Winnie you have been my sister for so long, I don’t even remember what life was like before you came to live with us when I was seven. I am so happy and blessed to have such a loving and caring big sister like you. I know you are always there for me whenever I need to talk. Yalls wedding pictures are amazinggg, you look so gorgeous in all of them. I’m so happy that the two of ya’ll will be married soon:):) I love you both so much and thank you for the reminder about what true love really is.